Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Custom


Kaneren Tonbogiri - July 23, 2032


[Rogue GSDA Artificial Intelligence / Wanted Terrorist]


The clacking of the maid's heels echoed down the hall as she pushed a cart towards a room. Her eyes were dead set upon the door ahead of her, never blinking, ever staring. The rattling wheels of the cleaning cart came to a halt before the android maid's knuckles rapped upon the polished wood of the guest room. Before long, the door was cracked and a man's face appeared, staring at the maid. The android let out a small smile, almost falsely so. The man grunted and closed the door, unlocking it before allowing the maid in. She immediately set to work, examining her surroundings. Within the penthouse suite were a few seated men. She could tell by their suits that they were members of the Yamaguchi-gumi, a large yakuza syndicate. There were four men sitting at a table along with two women. One of the women was standing behind one of the sofas, leaning over while caressing one of the mobster's shoulders. The other was sitting next to a larger man who's fingers were covered in rings. She was leaning against him, her hand upon his thigh. The maid deduced that this man was in charge. The boss looked up at the maid from behind his sunglasses.

"You! Get out." He stuck his ring covered finger out, pointing towards the door. With that, the maid bowed to him and vacated the room. Her eyes twitched as she walked down the hall. After a moment, she stumbled before catching herself. The maid looked around, clearly confused as to where she was. At that moment, Kaneren's form strode down the hallway towards the maid, her black long coat draping her shell. The AI adjusted her gloves as her yellow eyes burned upon the maid, who turned to face the woman. The android let out a smile, bowing slightly to the terrorist.

"Good evening, ma'am."

Kaneren ignored the android and made her way towards the door. She stared at the wood for a moment before knocking. The man from before peeked out of the crack to see an overweight middle aged individual wearing a suit staring right back at him. The guest grunted, raising an eyebrow at the doorman as he rapped his fingers upon his arm.

"Well, are you going to let me in, or are you just going to stand there like an idiot?" Kaneren hissed at the doorman, who was completely clueless as to whom was speaking. The doorman stared at the man he saw, unsure as to what to say. Before he could speak, the boss barked from within the room.

"Who is it!? Is it Kitano!?" The doorman glanced back at his boss, nodding to the man. The boss let out a growl, shaking his head. "Tell him to come back later!" As this was going down, one of Kaneren's puppeted shells made its way up to its master, pressing up against the wall out of the doorman's view. The yakuza looked at Kaneren and shook his head.

"Get out of here, Kitano. The boss don't wanna see ya." He shut the door in Kaneren's face. With that action, the puppet slumped to the floor, released from the AI's grasp. Kaneren knelt down and tossed the shell over her shoulder before banging on the door. She shouted through the wooden slab.

"The boss will change his mind when he sees this!"

She could hear discussion and commotion emanating from the room beyond. The door cracked open once again and the doorman saw what appeared to be Kaneren draped over Kitano's shoulder, unconscious. The doorman turned his head and spoke to the boss.

"He's got that Tonbogiri slut, boss." Kaneren's eyes narrowed at this. She could feel her rage building, her blood turning hot. The AI had no patience for derogatory terms directed towards her. It took all of her resolve to prevent her from blasting his face in. After a moment, the doorman allowed Kaneren inside. The woman walked in, carrying one of her spare shells over her shoulder. The boss looked at her for a moment before glancing to the body she was carrying. Without a word, he pointed to an empty sofa. Kaneren made her way over and tossed the shell upon the sofa before making her way back to the cleaning cart that she had left in the room. The boss stood from his seated position and walked over to the puppet, leaning over and examining it. A sickly grin came across his face.

"So beautiful. It's hard to believe she's a murderous killer. I hear Public Security still can't find her. And here she is. Just happened to fall into my lap." He caressed the puppet's face with his fingers, staring at her. Meanwhile, Kaneren's eyes shifted towards the man as her hand crept between two of the folded towels upon the cart. Her fingers brushed across a device. She felt around until she came across a switch, pressing it. The boss looked back at Kaneren.

"Kitano, how did you get her? I figured a fat slob like you wouldn't stand a chance." Kaneren chuckled at this as she moved one of her hands underneath of her trench coat, releasing the clasp on her pistol holster.

"If I told you, I'd have to kill you."

The rest of the room erupted into laughter as the AI stared at the boss. The yakuza returned his gaze back to the shell.

"She's not dead, is she? That would be a damn shame. I'd like to get to know her better." A dark chuckle escaped his throat. A small smirk crept upon Kaneren's lips as she thumbed the safety off on her G33 Advance.

"She's very much alive." Kaneren made her way over to the boss, looking down upon the man as he examined the shell in detail. After a moment, Kaneren dropped the hack and pressed the barrel of her pistol against the back of the man's head. The rest of the room whipped out their firearms and aimed at revealed AI. The boss's eyes grew wide as he shifted his gaze back to the AI.

"Kaneren! How in the-!?"

Kaneren stared the man in the eyes, pulling back the hammer of her firearm.

"Your defense barriers are pitiful. Hacking into your cyberbrains provided no challenge." She could hear one of the yakuza slowly making his way towards the AI, their sights right upon the woman's head. Kaneren turned her head and looked at the man. Their eyes met and he was almost entranced by her gaze. He started to sweat, his hands started to shake. He could feel his hand move his pistol from the AI, the barrel climbing up his own body until it was pointed directly at his own temple. The man panicked, breathing heavily.

"What are you d-!?" A shot rang out and the yakuza' corpse clashed into the floor, his blood splattered upon the wall. The boss shouted at his men.

"Kill the bitch!"

However, the rest of the criminals were unable to pull the trigger. As if some force was preventing them from carrying out their assault. Kaneren turned her gaze back to the boss as she pressed her pistol firmly against the man's head.

"Pitiful." Kaneren hissed in the man's ear before grabbing him by the back of the collar and throwing him into a chair, never taking her sights off of his form. The AI lowered her firearm, knowing she was in no danger as long as she had control of their cyberbrains. It would've been very difficult for someone to break her grasp, as she had ghost-hacked them. The perks of being Class-S. The yakuza boss stared at Kaneren, his sunglasses cocked upon his face, his eyes wide from fear.

"What the hell do you want!?"

She stood over the man, her voice sending chills up his spine.

"My purchase. Where is it?" The AI's words dripped with venom. The boss shook his head, bringing his hands up.

"Listen, I-" A bullet burrowed into the yakuza's kneecap, causing him to shriek in agony as she tumbled from the chair. Kaneren pointed her G33 at the other leg, staring down at him.

"Where is it?"

"I don't know! I swear, I don't know!" The boss screamed, clutching his leg. Blood leaked out from between his fingers, staining the carpet below. The man clenched his teeth together, saliva dripping from his lips as he glared daggers at the woman. Kaneren's yellow eyes met his own. Another shot rang out, blood spraying onto the back of the sofa. The man's screams reverberated throughout the room. A low growl came from her throat.

"Fine." Kaneren marched over to the man, stepping over his writhing body. The woman knelt down next to the man as she holstered her G33. The woman violently grabbed the boss's hair, causing the man's sunglasses to fall from his face. Kaneren reached to the back of her neck, pulling out a retractable QRS cord before shoving it into one of the yakuza's ports. Her pupils constricted as she ghost-hacked the man. She sifted through his memories, witnessing various aspects of his life. Murder, robbery, rape, the works. A low growl escaped her throat. Everything that she saw disgusted her. It was a testament to humanity's decadence. Their immorality. Their inferiority. The yakuza's body was engulfed in spasms, saliva dripping from his lips as the AI's hack violated his brain. One of the onlookers whipped his head around, staring at one of the thugs.

"Get Hamada!"

The thug nodded, fearful. He rushed to the door, only for a loud shot to ring out. His knee gave way and he tumbled to the floor, screaming. One of the other men in the room stared at him with terrified eyes, the barrel of his pistol smoking. Kaneren's voice reached their ears.

"No one leaves." Her eyes shifted towards them for a moment before returning to her work. After a brief moment, an amused sigh came from her lips. She ripped the cord from the man's cyberbrain, allowing it to retract back into her neck. Kaneren stood from the man's writhing body, staring down at him.

"I thought as much." The AI buried a bullet into the boss's forehead. Several shots rang throughout the room as the criminals all shot each other. Their corpses crashed to the carpet below. Only the two women remained and they were trapped with the AI. Kaneren turned her head and gazed upon them. Their eyes locked. The rogue's gaze made their skin crawl. She looked upon them with amusement before, the corners of her mouth curled into a cruel smirk.

"You two may prove to be useful to me." The AI shoved her pistol back into its holster as she approached them. Their eyes were wide with horror, backing away towards the wall. Kaneren stepped over a corpse, the sole of her boot bathed in the man's blood. One of the women bolted towards the door, only to feel a sharp pain in her neck. She slammed into the wall before falling to the floor. Her eyes grew lifeless as she exhaled her last breath. Kaneren pulled her knife from the woman's spine. The remaining woman screamed, her face completely distraught. The AI turned towards the woman, staring down at her at the woman backed down into a corner, sobbing. Her tear-filled eyes stared at Kaneren, barely able to make out the AI's shape.

"W-why!? Why are you doing this!? Please! Let me go!" She begged Kaneren, who simply stared at her with a stoic expression. Kaneren said nothing. She merely took a step towards the woman. The victim shook her head, pleading with the rogue. Kaneren simply ignore her. She knelt down in front of her before placing her hand upon the woman's head. The woman tilted her head forward with Kaneren's assistance, crying.


No words came from Kaneren's mouth. Instead, she reached behind her neck, extracting the QRS cord. The AI plugged the cord into the woman's cyberbrain. Her pupils constricted once again. After a few moments, Kaneren disconnected the cable, allowing it to retract back into her neck. She stood, her eyes wandering down to the woman.


Upon Kaneren's command, the woman stood, staring at Kaneren with a blank look in her eyes. The AI watched her for a moment before barking another order.

"Go and get yourself cleaned up." She paused for a moment before issuing a secondary command. "Public Security Section 9 is hiring five new recruits. Some of their numbers come from outside of the country. Discover their identities and return to me. Use any methods necessary. Do you understand me?" Kusanagi's doppelganger narrowed her eyes, awaiting the woman's response. She gave a nod to Kaneren before walking past her and leaving the room. The AI's gaze followed the woman out. After a few moments, Kaneren too exited the room and made her way down the corridor. The AI began to softly hum to herself as she reached into her trench coat. Kaneren peered down to her hand as she pulled out a detonator. The woman flipped the switch with her thumb, her voice softly resonating off of the walls.

It appeared as if the oxygen was sucked out of the corridor as the bomb exploded. The AI turned her head and observed the fire as it engulfed the walls. The AI climbed into the elevator and took it down to the ground floor. It wouldn't be much longer before the police arrived. To them, it would appear that an opposing yakuza syndicate assassinated the Yamaguchi-gumi boss. It was precisely what Kaneren was aiming for. She reached the lobby, only to see that the police arrive far quicker than she expected. Kaneren blinked as several members of the Special Assault Team rushed into the building. Her eyes followed them as they rushed past her, hurrying up the stairwell behind her. Kaneren let out a small sigh as she made her way towards a side door. She placed her hand upon the door knob, twisting it. However, just as she was about to push the door open, she stopped dead in her tracks. The AI stood up straight, turning her head and looking up at a security camera. Her yellow eyes glared into the lens, fully knowing who was watching. She let out a scoff before pushing the door open and vacating the hotel.

The rain started to fall later that evening as Kaneren looked upon the warehouse. She approached the building, sliding a magazine into her stolen S25-R bullpup assault rifle. Her eyes narrowed as her feet carried her shell into the warehouse. The interior was dim. The very air seemed stagnant with the sound of silence. The only noise that reached Kaneren's ears was the sound of the raindrops pattering upon the tin roof. Her eyes scanned the room, only to see stillness. She slightly exhaled through her nose, taking a step forward. The clacking of her boots echoed through the empty room as she approached the office of the building. The AI attempted to open the door. However, it appeared to be caught. The woman's eyes narrowed at this and she forced it open, letting out a piercing squeal. The AI walked into the room, eyes scanning the empty chamber. Kaneren ripped open an old filing cabinet. She set down her bullpup before thumbing through the files.

"How archaic."

In the distance, she heard another door open. The woman instantly ceased her activity and picked up her rifle, pulling back the slide, loading a live round into the chamber. She left the office, listening closely. She honed in on the voices of at least three men.

"Did you hear? Some Yamaguchi-gumi thugs got torched at the New Port Hotel." One of them chriped up.

Kaneren peered around the corner. Two of the men were clearly armed, the remaining individual was dressed in a three piece suit. She deduced that the man in the suit was the leader. Her posture straightened and she simply walked towards the three of them. Her footsteps echoed throughout the warehouse as the two armed men aimed their rifles at Kaneren. The man in the suit stepped behind them. The AI stared at them as she approached. The man in the suit shouted at her.

"Who the hell are you!?"

Kaneren's eyes shifted towards the man, her brow furrowing in annoyance.

"You have something that belongs to me. I'm here to collect." Kaneren lifted her bullpup and aimed at them. The suit narrowed his eyes, watching the AI. He folded his arms as his two accomplices took a step towards Kaneren. With that action, she flipped the safety on her firearm off. The armed men clearly heard this noise as they immediately stopped in their tracks. Kaneren let out a hum as she lowered her rifle. The two men glanced at each other for a moment before taking a step towards the AI. Kaneren's eyes shifted towards them as she released her grip on her firearm, allowing it to hang from from her shoulder. The two men grinned at this, the suit watching her closely. One of the guards stopped dead in his tracks, sweat beading upon his forehead. His hands were shaking like leaves as he craned his neck towards his accomplice. The man seemed to choke on his words as he lifted his rifle and aimed at his partner. The man's eyes grew wide.

"What are you doing!?"

Several gunshots rang out as the man's body was riddled with lead. The suit stared in horror at the site.

"Kill her!"

Instead, the individual shoved the barrel into his mouth and pulled the trigger, causing his head to rupture. What was left of his corpse crumpled. Kaneren turned her gaze to the suit, a glare reaching the man's form. She folded her arms, hissing at him.

"When I went to the location agreed upon, the only individuals I met were three cyborgs in body armor. Needless to say, the trade didn't happen." Her eyes narrowed.

The suit's eyes met Kaneren's. However, something came over him. Chills crept over his skin, the hairs on his neck standing on end. Goosebumps emerged on his arms and it felt as if he was suffocating. His throat closed up as fear gripped him. Her eyes seemed to pierce into his soul, as if she was reading his every thought. He tried to speak, yet no words were heard. The AI's gaze left his form and settled upon a backpack sitting on a table near the door. She shifted her eyes back to the man. He inhaled through his teeth, a worried look plastered upon his face. Kaneren walked past the man, making her way towards the table. The rogue terrorist zipped open the pack, peering at its contents.

"You were planning on selling this to someone else." The man took a step towards Kaneren, putting his hands up.

"Hey, you've got it now, so what does it matter?" He let out a nervous chuckle. Kaneren pulled out her G33 Advance and pointed it at the man. A gasp escaped his lips, only to be greeted by a gunshot. The bullet passed through his torso, puncturing his heart before smacking into the wall behind him. He groaned as he slumped to his knees. After a moment, he collapsed, blood pooling from his wound. Kaneren zipped up the backpack before slipping it upon her left shoulder. She quickly left the warehouse. However, she stopped dead in her tracks as several laser sights were aimed upon her chest. The woman's eyes studied the dots for a brief moment before looking up at her guests. They appeared to be hired muscle for the man she had just murdered.

"Put it down, lady." One of them said.

Kaneren raised an eyebrow at this. Her eyes scanned their numbers. There were fifteen men. Judging from what she saw, none of them were prosthetic. An amused hum came from her throat.

"Simple enough." These men were in her way. She had retrieved her prize and had no desire to remain here any longer. She had work to do. With that, the woman removed the backpack and set it on the ground. The same man barked at her.

"The gun and coat."

Kaneren obliged. She rolled up her trench coat and tossed it upon the backpack. She adjusted her fingerless gloves as her eyes narrowed. One of the men chuckled at this.

"Huh, who knew that the bitch could listen?" With those words, Kaneren's brow furrowed with rage. She immediately sprinted at them with what appeared to be lightning speed. Within the blink of an eye, the AI stood mere inches from the man's face, glaring into his eyes. The man gasped. Before he could speak, Kaneren grabbed his jaw and ripped it straight from his head. He gurgled on his own blood as he fell to the ground. The rest of the men stared with wide eyes.

"Shoot her!" They all unloaded in Kaneren's direction, regardless of their own positioning. Not a single bullet met its mark as the AI rushed another man, lopping his head clean from his shoulders with a single swipe. A few of the goons dropped dead from friendly fire. Kaneren grappled yet another, grabbing his throat before ripping out his larynx. The AI pulled out her pistol and emptied the rest of her magazine into two more men. As she was reloading, one of the goons placed her into a choke hold. Kaneren smashed her boot upon the man's shoe, crushing the bones in his foot. He let out a wail, only to be met with an open palm strike to his sternum. The impact of her strike instantly stopped his heart and the man fell dead. At this point in time, only two men remained. They were clearly thrown into disarray, the rest of their comrades lay dead upon the ground. Kaneren slid a magazine into her G33 and pulled the slide back. She took cover behind one of the cars that they had brought. The two men unloaded upon the car, the windows shattering and glass falling upon her. The terrorist peered up once they had ceased fire. She cracked off one shot, which buried itself between the man's eyes. The remaining individual quickly swapped out the magazine in his submachine gun. He pulled the slide back and braced himself as he aimed at the car. Kaneren's eyes widened as she hunkered down, bringing her head down to her chest and covering it with her arms. The man squeezed the trigger and emptied the magazine of high velocity rounds. The car was shredded from the assault. From behind the wreckage of the car, Kaneren could hear the man fighting with his gun.

"Damn! Piece of shit!" He smacked the side of the machine pistol, attempting to unjam the breech. With that, Kaneren stood from her position. The man looked up and gasped, tossing the firearm away as he quickly reached for his own sidearm. Kaneren shot the man several time in the chest, killing him.

The woman observed the carnage around her, letting out a small hum as she holstered her G33 once again. As she walked back towards her belongings, she could feel a warmth upon her arm. Her eyes wandered down to her left arm to see a bullet wound upon her bicep. A clear red liquid was running down the length of her arm, dripping off of her elbow. A grunt escaped from her throat. After a moment, the bleeding ceased as the micromachines in her prosthetic body began to repair the wound. Kaneren pulled her trench coat back on, along with slinging her bullpup and her backpack over her shoulders. She walked away from the scene of the skirmish.

Kaneren walked down a crowded street of downtown Niihama. Despite the fact that she was in full view of the public, no one appeared to pay her any mind, even though she was a wanted terrorist. Except for one person.

"Well well, look who it is."

The AI stopped and glanced over to see Major Motoko Kusanagi staring at her, her arms folded. Kaneren's gaze fell upon her, her expression stoic. It was quite odd, seeing someone who shared the same shell. Eerie, almost. A grunt escaped from her throat. The Major leaned against a wall, watching the woman with hard eyes. With that, Kaneren made her way over to Kusanagi, standing in close proximity, but never too close. The two women faced each other. It was almost like a mirrored image. Motoko Kusanagi and Kaneren Tonbogiri. Reflections of one another. Kusanagi's eyes drifted towards Kaneren's blood stained hand, letting out a scoff.

"How many does that make now?" Her eyes hardened, displeased. Kaneren watched the Major closely, her amusement building.

"Have you been following me, namonaihito? I must say, you're quite flattering. You've done quite well to avoid detection, Major Kusanagi." The AI too, folded her arms across her chest, almost mockingly. Kusanagi's nose wrinkled at Kaneren's verbal jab. The woman's eyes fell upon Kaneren's backpack. However, she said nothing of it. Instead, she answered Kaneren's inquiry.

"You've been quiet. After you went off the grid in November, the Home Affairs Minister wanted to close the book on the whole thing. Needless to say, they've let you wander around freely."

Kaneren let out an amused grunt, watching her double with a slightly raised eyebrow.

"Deep vengeance is the daughter of deep silence, Kusanagi. They believe that they've deceived me, but while they've turned a blind eye to me, I've kept my eye on you. I am well aware of this secondary team that your superior is forming." She studied the Major as she continued. "You call me insane, call me a threat to mankind. Accuse me of madness. I'm interested in madness. Madness is what defines us, Kusanagi. It defines how much we can take before we~" Kaneren snapped her fingers. "Break. I believe it is the biggest thing in the human race, and the most constant. Tell me, how do you take from a man his madness without also compromising his identity?"

Major Kusanagi narrowed her eyes at the AI's monologue. A small chuckle emanated from the Major's throat.

"Every day human curiosity, Tonbogiri."

Kaneren let out an amused sigh, watching the woman with intrigue. She spoke with a rather quiet tone, inquisitive.

"How interesting~" Kaneren glanced at the people walking by for a moment before returning her gaze back to the Major. "I look forward to seeing what your new team is capable of." With those words, Kaneren stepped into the crowd and disappeared into the sea of people. Motoko Kusanagi stared with hard eyes, knowing that the worst had yet to come.



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