Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Custom


Inari Kaminaga - July 31, 2032


[Public Security Section 9 Operative; Pointman]


A dull squeak was heard as the woman shifted her weight in her seat, tilting her head back to rest it upon the chair. A sharp exhale escaped her nose as her eyelids drooped a bit. It didn't take a genius to tell that she was bored and running out of patience. The woman's elbow found its way to the door of the armored van as she rested her chin on her fist. Her eyes wandered out into the street, her focus seemingly taken by the vehicles that travelled to and fro. However, her attention was taken by a cold tap on her free hand as a man's voice was heard.

"Hey, here."

The woman blinked and glanced at the can of tea before accepting it. She cracked it open and took a drink as the man spoke to her.

"What's up with you today, Kaminaga?" The man looked to her.

A shrug came from Inari Kaminaga before she took another sip of her tea. Inari was a relatively quiet woman. She generally didn't speak unless there was something worth saying. This wasn't to say that she was above the occasional jest with her coworkers, but she was more or less reserved. Inari set her tea into the cup holder in front of her.

"Nothing." She responded to the man next to her.

With that, the woman's verdant eyes wandered down to her watch before looking out of the window once again. Her partner climbed out of his seat, walking into the back of the armored van after opening the door. Situated in the back was a Tachikoma think tank along with two other Section 9 operatives. Both were new recruits who had very little experience in the field. Inari had been recruited to Public Security Section 9 nearly eighteen months ago and was among those that hunted a certain renegade artificial intelligence last November. She remembered it well. The fact that an AI became self-aware, realized the threat that its creators posed to its existence, and sought freedom and liberty from them. Unfortunately, the whole situation unfolded violently and many people were killed. Rumor had it that the AI even developed a ghost. If that was the case, what would the meaning of being human be anymore? If a machine could attain something that was previously thought to have been restricted to human, where would the line between man and machine be drawn? Inari knew that she was still out there. The AI. Kaneren Tonbogiri, she called herself. The AI proved to be very cunning, shrewd, and incredibly intelligent, but Inari had a feeling that Tonbogiri was masking her true abilities, both physically and mentally. In a way, that frightened her. Was she toying with them? Was she feigning ignorance and stupidity to pull them into a trap? Perhaps she was purposefully causing mayhem to grab their attention. If so, the question would then be: why? Inari figured that Tonbogiri wanted them to acknowledge her superiority. Inari's attention was snapped away from her thoughts as the Tachikoma piped up to her partner.

"Mister Fukuda, I'm ready! Just say the word!" It chirped.

Daizen Fukuda shook his head as he inspected his Seburo C-30. Inari blinked and glanced into the back of the van, watching the scene unfold. Fukuda draped the sling of his C-30 over his shoulder as he faced the excited Tachikoma. A hard look was in his eyes as he spoke up to the machine.

"We stay put until we get word from the Major, you hear?" He growled as he folded his arms across his chest. One of the recruits leaned back against the wall and propped his feet upon the think tank's hull. Just as he did, the Tachikoma drooped its hull and let out a long groan.

"Aww… okay…"

Inari pulled away from the scene and returned her gaze back to the freeway. Daizen Fukuda was recruited to Section 9 around the same time as Inari Kaminaga. He answered directly to Major Motoko Kusanagi and was Inari's superior. He stood at five foot eleven inches, had short dark-brown hair and brown eyes with a stubble. If one were to look at him, he appeared to be in his mid to late thirties, though he had a distinct weary look in his eyes. He was very well known for his training ability and was selected to personally train new recruits to Section 9 by Chief Daisuke Aramaki himself. Inari on the other hand, was an expert in reconnaissance. During her time on the Peninsula during the Second Vietnam War, Second Lieutenant Inari Kaminaga was often deployed into the field, spending days on end without any support. She learned to be completely self-sufficient and self-reliant. However, this wasn't the only thing she excelled in. In fact, she shined brightly when working within a fire team. During the Nemuro Operation, Inari was always the one who volunteered to take point during clear and hold operations. She was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun for the numerous times that she saved the lives of her squad mates. Aramaki hired Kaminaga for her skills and merits. Inari stood at roughly five foot seven inches. The woman appeared to be in her late twenties. She had short blonde hair and green eyes, although her features were clearly Japanese. She had a mixed parentage. Her father had been a radio operator in the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force and her mother was from Denmark. As such, Inari's physical appearance was quite unique.

<Have your team load up and move out, Fukuda.>

Daizen Fukuda's cybercomms opened as Kusanagi's orders reached his ears. Without hesitation, the man began barking orders to the rest of his team.

"Konda, Mifune, you two are with Kaminaga. You'll enter via the parking garage. Tachikoma and I are going in through the roof. Clear and hold, you understand? Anyone hits a hostage, it's your ass!"

With those words, Inari immediately made her way into the back of the van from her seat and began loading her gear, along with Konda and Mifune. Fukuda climbed into the Tachikoma's pod and situated himself in the pilot's seat.

"All right, let's get going." He growled to the think tank.

The Tachikoma let out an excited squeal before busting out of the back of the van. It activated its thermoptic camouflage and leaped onto the side of the building that was the corporate headquarters of the Meditech Corporation. As Inari loaded her shotgun, Batou's voice was heard over their cybercomms.

<What's the situation?>

Batou chimed in. Konda glanced up to Inari, who refused to look at the man as she checked her Seburo M-5 pistol. In a way, she was almost annoyed by the recruits. They were green. Inexperienced. She had taken Konda on an investigation and he proved to be more of a hindrance than helpful. Therefore, she was hesitant to take both of the rookies in with her.

<Members of the terrorist organization "Icarus" have taken control of Meditech's corporate headquarters. We don't know how many terrorists there are, but we do know that they've taken hostages.>





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